Miro Firmware Release Notes

Miro Firmware v3.18 (Updated 2024-03-26)

  • Updated phasor and quadrant power LCD pages
  • Serria Wireless RC7620 modem support
  • Additional DNP3 fundamental power parameters
  • Additional MQTT fundamental power parameters
  • Adjustment of LCD serial number position to avoid clashing with the signal bar
  • Adjust ‘GPS’, ‘WiFi’ (low-speed), ‘TCP’, ‘SSH’ and ‘AUX’ text position on LCD to reduce overlap
  • Support 60 Hz setting for Miro ECOs
  • Configurable-threshold ECO block and bar models
  • ‘high v unbalance’ warning for Delta (was Star only)
  • Amended quadrant power text: PF to DPF
  • CT Types turn dark green on the “current sensor types” LCD page when locked
  • Enhanced sensitivity of “sliding reference minimum”
  • Enhancement of how the sliding reference minimum works, taking into consideration both the latest one-cycle measurement and the sliding reference value. This allows a drop from above the minimum to below (e.g. 1000 amps to 0 amps in one cycle) to trigger captures, while ignoring noise levels.

Miro firmware v3.17 (Updated 2023-03-15)

  • Transformer Loss of life added
  • LCD: Added degree symbol for temperatures
  • Firmware default NTP sync interval adjusted to match the software default
  • Calculation and logging of the positive, negative and zero sequence components for voltage and current
  • Fix potential crash when MQTT/Sparkplug and DNP3-Comms are enabled at the same time
  • Add harmonic derating and loss of life to low-performance polling (ie. low speed WiFi)

Miro firmware v3.16 (Updated 2022-06-20)

  • Miro PQ10-T (Single voltage and temperature) model support – LCD name (if LCD is used)
  • Support Fahrenheit temperature:
    • Log units alongside value (in Celsius)
    • Updated LCD page
    • DNP3
    • MQTT-Sparkplug
  • ECO-Emergency Changeover Models ECO Single Phase and ECO Three Phase, Swell detection, logging and changeovers added
  • K-factor/factor-K logging added
  • OTA (Over the air) updates for Sierra Wireless remote cellular modem model HL7650 added
  • LCD pages for K-factors, THD and TIHD added
  • ‘Harmonic Loss Factor’ and ‘Other Stray Losses’ added
  • Factor-K deratings and Loss Factor deratings added


Miro firmware v3.15 (Updated 2021-03-05)

  • Support Miro Auxiliary I/O Module with 4-20mA inputs.
  • Add logic functions.
  • Support 3-wire compensation for temperature inputs.
  • Add true power factor and displacement power factor for total power.
  • Add ‘quadrant power’ LCD page.
  • DNP3:
    • Shift AUX indexes from 200 to 800
    • Map all harmonics up to 25
  • Add support for Miro 3 Phase ECO (Emergency Changeover) instrument.
  • Support for all Quectel modems in the same series as EC21.
  • Support for u-blox R4 series modems
  • Add ‘LCD dimming after delay’ feature.
  • ECO3P: ‘relay one’ now indicates emergency supply state.
  • Support reversed phase rotation for unbalance calculation

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