We are passionate about power quality! Our engineers are always seeking new and innovative technology, to develop power quality products and power analysis tools that help customers to measure detailed power quality parameters, analyse data, identify issues and resolve them. We also provide power quality testing & consulting services where we can analyse the data and help home in on issues and suggest measures to mitigate or eliminate the issues identified. Call us for a chat, with no obligations attached!

We are committed to EXCELLENT before and after sales support! We will always treat customers with respect and respond to every query promptly and accurately. Our engineers are always ready to address any technical issues that may arise and provide prompt resolutions. We will be happy to develop and implement new features suggested by customers, if they benefit the majority of our customers.

We realise customers want their equipment back in the field ASAP! We commit to quick turnaround times and will always keep our customers updated. Our repair, service and calibration services for all products include comprehensive checking of all accessories to ensure correct functionality. Our calibration is traceable back to NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities).


Featured Products

Miro Power Quality Logger | IP66 Weatherproof
Our Vision

To become the leader in all aspects of Power Quality.

Our Mission

Enable customers to improve the power quality of their power networks by utilising innovative and modern technologies.

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