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Power Quality Testing, Investigation and Audit

Poor Power Quality, for example, a Power Factor lower than the recommended level and a dirty wave shape at the power frequency contaminated with harmonics and inter-harmonics can result in high electricity bills, unexplained equipment interruptions, overheating of equipment, and long-term damage to plant!

Organisations today are becoming aware of the benefits to monitor and improve their Power Quality and include:

  • Avoiding penalty charges due to poor power factor
  • Lowering electricity bills
  • Extending the life of electrical equipment
  • Lowering ongoing plant maintenance costs
  • Mitigating unanticipated future capital costs

Our aims:

  • Monitor your power network & perform power quality testing to identify problem areas; and
  • Provide cost-effective recommendations to improve the Power Quality of your power network.

Our professional engineers have many years of industrial experience and know-how

  • to investigate Power Quality issues; and
  • in power quality testing
  • in developing power quality products, systems and solutions.


Dr Angelo De Francesco,
BE (Hons) (UNSW), BSc (UNSW),
Power Quality Consultant

About Angelo

  • Over 30 years’ experience in Engineering, with recent 10 years in Power Quality.
  • Conducted many Power Quality investigations and provided recommendations for mitigation.
  • Founder of CHK Power Quality Pty Ltd and pioneered Australia’s first, Class A Power Quality Analyser.
  • Other Interests include: electrical / electronic circuits and systems; data acquisition; electromagnetics; EMC and photonics.

Power Quality Consulting – Case studies

Power Quality Report – Equipment Failure

Example of a typical audit report, where we identified voltage transients as the primary cause of equipment failure and which we mitigated with an appropriately sized CVT.

Power Quality Report – Profiling a 200kVA Distribution Transformer

Example report where a distribution transformer supplying a residential area was monitored using a Mirrin multi channel load logger.On average all phase currents were within rated limits and the transformer is lightly loaded, however two phases (A and C) exceeded these limits for short periods of time. Assuming a constant voltage, the power rating of the transformer was estimated and reached 192kVA, just under the 200kVA rating. Various outages were identified and on one occasion an outage occurred only on phase B. Correlation was found between top oil temperature and the afternoon peak in the daily load profile.

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