Point Condition Monitor - Pneumatic/Electric

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The Miro Points Condition Monitor (versions for pneumatic and electric points available) is a self-learning instrument that monitors electric or pneumatic point operation metrics, e.g. voltage, current, pressure and flow rate, identifies operation abnormalities and automatically alerts personnel to impending faults and failure modes, allowing early detection and resolution of issues and subsequently improving train operating hours and facilitating condition based maintenance, rather than time based.

Alerts are sent via email, and include a graphic representation of the operation which allows personnel to quickly identify specific abnormalities, and deploy field staff with necessary spares to quickly rectify the problem. All data is collected and analysed by AsMoSys, a CHK PQ proprietary database solution.

Key Features

  • Self learns and suggests metric limits.
  • Different models available for electrically and pneumatically operated points.
  • Maintenance operations are flagged and not included in fault statistics.
  • Instrument displays most recent operation on colour LCD.
  • Detection of non-operational failures, e.g. voltage still present after end of operation.
  • 3G/4G or 10/100 Ethernet option available.
  • Support for multiple point machine set ups, e.g. single ended, double ended, dual single etc.

Technical Information

Please download the brochure/datasheet here or visit our download centre to view and download datasheets, firmware, software and other supporting information for all our products.