Active Harmonic Filter

The line current is continuously monitored and corrected via a compensation current to restore a sine-wave.

Active Harmonic Filter
Active Harmonic Filter

Connected in parallel with the load.

Wall-Mounted Active Filter ADF P100

The ADF P100 is an ultra-efficient, easy to use solution in a wall mounted cabinet. The tall and narrow design allows installation where space is at a premium.

ADF P200 Active Filter

Is a very fast active filter. It can eliminate harmonic problems up to the 50th harmonic and works well in even very resonant grids. It is suitable for mitigating resonances, interharmonics and high frequency disturbances.

ADF P300 Active Filter

Is ideal for commercial and industrial loads.

As the nation’s leading power quality consultants, CHK Power Quality supplies state-of-the-art active harmonic filtering systems and analysers to optimize the sizing and lifespan of your electrical equipment. By implementing our top-of-the-class solutions, we succeed in increasing the service life of equipment up to an impressive 32% for single-phase machines, up to 18% for three-phase machines, and up to 5% for transformers.

This, in turn, improves the continuity of your production processes and prevents failures—ensuring there will be no hefty and unexpected bills to pay.

Built to the highest industry standards, our active harmonic filter provides continuous monitoring of the line current and effectively corrects it using a compensation current to restore a sine-wave. This ultra-efficient, easy-to-use solution is mounted in a wall cabinet, with a tall and narrow design that fits in smaller spaces—a perfect solution for low-rating applications.

But that’s not all. This active harmonic filter has been designed to eliminate harmonic problems up to the 50th harmonic and provide optimal performance in even very resonant grids. Suitable for mitigating resonances, interharmonics, and high-frequency disturbances, it’s an excellent solution for commercial and industrial loads.

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