Citrus Release Note

Citrus v1.3.0.22 (Updated 2023-03-15)
v1.3.0.22 Citrus Release Notes

  • Graphing of transformer loss of life parameters
  • Transformer loss of life calculations can be based on either IEC or IEEE versions
  • Transformer loss of life parameters available in DNP3 configuration form
  • Transformer loss of life analysis tool, including features to analyse different scenarios
  • Bulk export of Transformer loss of life data
  • Support changing temperature unit from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa
    • In the Miro configuration tab
    • Default setting is based on PC region setting but can be changed as necessary
    • Graphing will switch to a new axis if temperature unit were changed during logging
    • CSV export will use setting (Celsius or Fahrenheit) at time of download
    • Online monitor window will have to be closed and reopened if units are changed while online monitor window is open
  • Online monitor now shows an events tab if any event type is available rather than just RMS/waveform capture
  • Show configured temperature unit in DNP point setup
  • Configuration tabs and online monitor now include harmonic derating factors K-factor, Factor-K and Harmonic Loss Factor
  • Analysis of K-factor, Factor-K and Harmonic Loss Factor
  • Factor-K and Harmonic Loss Factor transformer derating
  • Invert current channel tool, post logging
  • Support ‘AirVantage’ OTA updates for HL7650 modem
  • Fundamental frequency now available on online monitor (harmonics)
  • Fundamental frequency now available in harmonic average chart
  • THD/TIHD/K-factor selectable for LCD pages
  • Harmonic derating values analysis for different scenarios
  • Interharmonic average chart now available
  • Improved USB performance
  • Improved data usage estimate
  • NTP interval default setting changed from “on FTP upload” to “daily”
  • Positive/Negative/Zero sequence components available on data view and online monitor. (Requires firmware 3.17)
  • Option to include units in CSV column headers. This is on by default.
  • Auto scroll bar available for EN50160 report generation form
  • Easily selectable events in bar on Miro data view to much more closely match the event letter, reducing overlap
  • Use standard colours for online monitor AUX/temperature plot to match data view
  • Feature to lock the menu bar during the initial graph in Data View tab.
  • Configuration menu. User is warned that ‘Enable-all-points’ doesn’t enable certain points, where applicable
  • User is warned when fundamental mag/phase is not going to be logged

Citrus v1.2.9.1 (Updated 2021-06-21)
v1.2.9.1 Citrus Release Notes

  • Users can now change the font of the title in the event view form.
  • Customised graph set up for each view tab.
  • Hassle free connection to WIFI via button in Miro main menu.
  • Option to change cursor style.
  • Feature that loads graph setup from view when switching tab.
  • Automatic generation of IEEE519 power quality reports.
  • Easy to read ‘Data Range in File’ information.
  • Easy selection of ‘Date Filter’ using drop down menu.
  • ‘Records Excluded’ count now noted in voltage percentiles for more clarity.
  • Feature to ‘save all views’ and ‘load all views’.

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