Miro-F TxM 304 Substation Monitor and Logger

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The Miro-F TxM 304 is a Class A Power Quality monitor and logger designed specifically for monitoring high voltage (HV) feeders and transformers within a substation or switchyard and is equipped with remote cellular or Ethernet communications, using various protocols, including DNP3, TCP-IP and FTP. Inputs are via substation voltage and current transformers.

It offers comprehensive and reliable logging and monitoring of power quality data, including Voltage Sags, Swells, Interruptions, Flicker, THD, Harmonics, Interharmonics, Frequency, Mains Signalling, Power and Energy.

Waveform and RMS captures can be generated, using various triggers, e.g. rate of change of voltage (dv/dt), sliding reference, and instantaneous voltage and current values. Voltage and current inputs are sourced from relevant voltage and current transformers, and can be scaled to reflect primary side measurements.

Alarms can be generated when set thresholds are exceeded and notifications then sent to control centres, SCADA Masters etc. WiFi communications can be used to view real time measurements, power direction and to configure the instrument. The Miro-F TxM 304 is a Class A Power Quality monitor and logger that provides timely data and notifications that help engineers optimise planning, operations, maintenance and network modelling activities. All data can be collected and analysed by AsMoSys, a CHK PQ proprietary database solution.

Key Features

  • Certified to IEC61000-4-30, Class A
  • AC and DC (voltage only) and AC current measurements.
  • 1A or 5A rated secondary current input (factory set).
  • Surface and ambient temperature probes.
  • The Miro-F TxM 304 can be incorporated with relay outputs to initiate appropriate action (Miro Auxiliary I/O module required).
  • Powered from external DC source.
  • Starts logging on power up.
  • Concurrent logging at multiple log intervals: 10/12 cycles, 150/180 cycles, 10s, 10m, 2h, and user configurable.
  • Gapless logging: User can download data, clear log memory and configure the device with no interruption to logging.
  • Internal backup battery: 5-minute back up time as standard, with option to extend upon request.
  • GPS and external antenna for precision time synchronisation.
  • Remote communications via Cellular (3G/4G) or Ethernet. All peripherals are integrated within the enclosure other than an external antenna.
  • Integrated WiFi options for Android and iOS mobile applications.
  • Logged memory: 8GB
  • Graphical colour display
  • Voltage and current waveforms
  • Phasor diagrams.
  • Measurements.
  • Status information.
  • User defined screen.

Technical Information

Please download the brochure/datasheet for the Miro-F TxM304 Zone Substation Monitor here or visit our download centre to view and download datasheets, firmware, software and other supporting information for all our products.