Miro PQ Switch

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The Miro PQ Switch is a power quality logger and analyser with a fast relay output (switch) that is triggered by user settable power quality thresholds. The thresholds for switching include voltage, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and frequency. The Miro PQ Switch can energise circuits, solenoids, contactors etc. to initiate follow up action. An example application is an emergency supply changeover scheme. This is where normal supply fails and the switch enables changeover to an emergency supply. When normal supply recovers, the instrument automatically switches back to normal supply. The Miro PQ Switch provides logged event information as to the cause of the switchover. Switching times are very fast, typically 10ms. The Miro PQ Switch is an intelligent device that can be configured to prevent nuisance and repetitive switching operations by progressively delaying switchback times. The fast switching ensures continued normal operation of downstream equipment, thereby eliminating system downtime.

Key Features

  • Switches on various user settable power quality measurement thresholds, e.g. THD, Under frequency, voltage dip.
  • Different relay outputs available. 0.125A and 2A, capable of driving contactors of up to 80A or 250A respectively.
  • Easy to install, using pluggable terminals and compact iron core current sensors.
  • Fast switching times, typically 10ms.
  • Remote cellular communication option available.
  • Events can be investigated using logged power quality data.
  • Fast switching times can obviate the need for UPS systems.

Technical Information

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