Emergency Changeover Unit (Three Phase)

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The Miro ECO Emergency Changeover (Three Phase) instrument is a power quality logger and analyser with integrated remote cellular communications (3G/4G and optional Ethernet) and a fast relay output (switch) that is triggered by user settable voltage thresholds for dips and swells.

The relay output can then be used to initiate the desired action, e.g. transferring supply from one source to another (i.e. Three Phase Automatic Transfer Schemes). Typical applications include emergency supply changeover schemes for railway signalling system power supplies. This is where normal supply fails and the Miro ECO enables changeover to an emergency supply. When normal supply recovers, the instrument automatically switches back to normal supply. Switching times are very fast, typically 10ms (Miro unit only). This obviates the need for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) in many instances, as the fast switchover times do not disrupt the normal functioning of downstream equipment.

The Miro ECO instrument provides power quality data that can be used for investigating events and causes. All data can be collected and analysed using proprietary Citrus software or the AsMoSys (Asset Monitoring System) database solution.

Key Features

  • Fast Switching, typically 10 ms.
  • Relay output of 2A, to drive contactors of up to 250A
  • Monitors normal, emergency and load voltages and currents.
  • Prevents nuisance and repetitive switching operations by progressively delaying switchback times.
  • User settable voltage thresholds.
  • Remote connectivity allows real time viewing of measurements, data download and configuration.
  • Pluggable terminal blocks.
  • Compact iron core sensors.
  • Will not switchover if alternate supply is not available.

Technical Information

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