52 Series CAT IV 600V AC Current Clamp-On Probes

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The 52 Series CAT IV 600V AC Current Clamp-On Probes are a high performance current sensor incorporating a split iron core window current transformer with low ratio and phase errors, specifically designed as an accessory for CHK Power Quality instruments used on energised circuits and in CAT IV environments.

The 52 series is suitable to use outdoors in wet and humid environments.

Tactile barriers are included on either side of the body handle and provide clearance to prevent the operator from contacting hazardous live voltages. Protective shrouds attached to the ends of the jaw openings also prevent the iron core from contacting hazardous live cables during application and removal of the clamp.

Key Features

Part Number To be used with
1ASC Series Miro PQ45 Power Quality Logger and Analyser
1ACR Series Miro PQ35 Power Quality Logger and Analyser
Mirrin Load Logger

Table 1: Rated Currents

Miro PQ35 / Mirrin Miro PQ45
Part number Rated primary Part number Rated primary
1ACR100 100A 1ASC100 100A
1ACR500 500A 1ASC500 500A
1ACR1000 1000A 1ASC1000 1000A


Each model has a rated secondary current of 200mA and incorporates Zener diodes, providing protection against an open circuit connection to the instrument.

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Technical Information

Table 2: Specifications

Rated input current Refer to table 1
Maximum input current 120% of rated current
Output signal 200mA at rated current
Burden 2.2. Ohms (1ASC series)
Accuracy Class 0.5 AS 60044.1
Frequency range 40Hz – 5kHz
Working voltage 650V
Dielectric strength 10750Vrms
Dimensions (H x W x L) (60 x 100 x 200) mm
Jaw aperture 52 mm
Lead length / Weight 2m / 800 grams
Enclosure V0 nylon
Encapsulation / Colour Fully insulated / Black
Safety class CAT IV 600V as per IEC 61010-1-2003
Operating temperature -20°C to 60°C
Storage temperature -20°C to 60°C