Summation Current Transformer

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When the currents in a number of feeders need not be individually metered but summated to a single meter or instrument, a summation current transformer can be used. The summation CT consists of two or more primary windings which are connected to the feeders to be summated and a single secondary winding. This secondary winding feeds a current proportional to the summated primary current. A typical ratio would be 5+5+5/5A which means that three primary feeders of 5A are to be summated to a single 5A meter. These CTs are available in 5A or 1A inputs and can be designed to have a combination of these inputs to be summated.

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Customisable Parameters:

  • Current Ratio
  • Class Accuracy
  • Number of Feeders (Inputs)
  • Burden
  • Maximum System Voltage
  • Frequency