CT and Voltage Clamp Installer

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The Current Transformer Probe and Voltage Clamp Installer has been specially developed for use with CHK Power Quality Loggers and Analysers’ current transformer probes (52 Series) and large black voltage clamps. The installer allows the easy and convenient installation and removal of the current transformer probes and large black voltage clamps on overhead conductors, using a hot stick with a ‘sunrise’ fitting. Suitable CT probe lead extensions and extended voltage leads complete the kit.

The installation can be carried out from ground level or from an approved elevated work platform. Subsequently, users do not have to climb poles using ladders, wear safety harnesses or require another staff to standby (i.e. no need for a ‘buddy’ safety system). This allows for a one-man operation, leading to significant savings of resources.

Key Features

  • Main body is made of insulating material (Acetal), with corrosion resistant stainless-steel fasteners.
  • Specifically designed to fit CHK Power Quality Loggers and Analyser current transformer probes (52 Series) and large black voltage clamps.
  • Extensions (1.5m) for CT probe leads.
  • Extended voltage leads (3.5m).
  • Clutch mechanism and brass collar prevent over extending of the installer jaws.
  • Removable voltage clamp adapter.

Technical Information

  • 1ACTLEAD-E (A code or B code) – CT probe lead extension 1.5m.
  • 1AVL4C2-E – 4 wire cable harness, fused, with large black clamps, 3.5m total length.


Kit Information
  • 1AClmpInst – (current transformer probe and voltage clamp installer)


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