CAT IV 600V High Sensitivity Flexible Current Probes (Red)

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The high sensitivity CAT IV 600V Flexible Current Probes are a high performance current sensor specifically designed as an accessory for CHK Power Quality instruments used on energised circuits and in CAT IV environments.

The high sensitivity coils are purposely designed to facilitate dual measurement ranges with upper limits of 500A or 3000A and lend themselves to a wide range of applications, avoiding the need to swap probes.

Key Features

Table 1:

Part Number To be used with
1AF3000-6-H Miro PQ45 Power Quality Logger and Analyser
1AFF3000-6-H Miro PQ35 Power Quality Logger and Analyser
Mirrin Load Logger

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Technical Information

Table 2:

Rated input current 500A or 3000A
Maximum input current 100kA @ (50/60)Hz
Output signal 250mV/500A @ 50Hz
Accuracy ± 1% (calibrated)
Linearity ± 0.2% (calibrated)
Position error ± 2% max.
External field ± 0.5% max.
Temperature coefficient ± 0.07% / °C max.
Frequency range 20Hz – 5kHz
Working voltage 1000V max. @ (50/60)Hz
Cable length 2m
Probe outside diameter B: 201mm
Probe length C: 600mm
Cap coupling cross sec. D: 18mm (min.)
Cap coupling cross sec. E: 23mm (max.)
Coil cross-section F: 15.5mm
Transducer and cable Thermoplastic RUBBER, flame retardant UL 94 V-O rated
Couplings Polypropylene UL 94 V-O rated
Colour Red (transducer); Black (cable and couplings)
Cable 1000V UL Style 20940; Diameter: 5.5mm – wires 2 x 24AWG
Shield 85% coil, 100% cable
Weight 300 grams
Safety class CAT IV 600V as per IEC 61010-1-2003
Operating temperature -20°C to 70°C
Operating humidity 85% non-condensing
Pollution degree 2
Maximum altitude 2000m