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We offer support service on all our products.Customers receive a variety of benefits including training, reference materials and consulting support.

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The symptoms of poor power quality can cause major system disruptions. More often than not, these disruptions can interfere with your daily business processes and incur considerable expenses with a significant impact on your company’s bottom line.

CHK Power Quality provides power quality solutions and equipment to assist clients in effectively detecting problem areas and getting the most from their power. With a wealth of industry experience and know-how in developing power quality products and systems to our credit, we succeed in delivering products with high adaptability and simple and flexible application, as well as an excellent level of stability.

Quality Solutions for All Power Quality Issues

Did you know that partial process failures, complete production stoppage, and equipment and process malfunctions and shutdowns could be caused by poor power quality issues?

Most of the time, these go unnoticed as a result of failures being attributed to an incorrect cause. CHK Power Quality employs industry best practices to investigate your power quality status, identify any problems, and propose customized solutions that suit your needs and budget.

Through a comprehensive and meticulous assessment process, we:

    • Monitor your distribution board for a minimum of one week;
    • Analyse logged data and pinpoint any on-compliances;
    • Assess for external events and influences;
    • Prepare a power quality report;
  • Formulate and implement a tailored, cost-effective power quality solution.

Our professional power quality consultants will also benchmark your power quality and scope your electrical landscape in order to articulate the most desirable plan of action so as to ensure the very best outcome — both for the running and budget of your company.

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