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Release note – Citrus
Citrus v1.2.4.0 ( Updated 2019-03-19)
Please note that the Miro firmware v3.07, should be used with Citrus version or later.
  • Sparkplug/MQTT can now be configured within the Citrus software. This enables users to configure the Miro to publish data to specified brokers in order to create an automated network infrastructure. This has been developed according to the MQTT Sparkplug specifications.
  • The Miro’s NTP (Network Time Protocol) time synchronisation can now be manually configured to sync every 1-hour or every 24-hours.
  • This version of Citrus supports Dynamic DNS, which allows users to use sim cards with publicly routable dynamic IP addresses to access the Miro unit remotely.
    Please contact CHK Power Quality, for more information on how to activate this feature.
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