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Release note – Citrus
Citrus v1.2.7.5 ( Updated 2020-04-03)
Please note that the Miro firmware v3.11 should be used with Citrus version v1.2.7.5 or later.
  • In FTP upload configuration, show a “sample path” for an example of how files will appear on the server.
  • Daily min/max: support MIN only or MAX only.
  • Event view: advanced option to remove axis from event plot.
  • Rename “Alarms” to “Exceedances”.
  • Warn if trying to set blank log notes as footer.
  • Support for ‘channel aliasing’.
    • Channel naming split into multiple levels, including base name (logical channel), application-specific name and user- settable name.
    • User can set name in configuration form.
    • Table of all channel names in configuration form and on data view.
    • All applicable areas now show the ‘new name’, or a short version of it, considering the above.
  • Exceedance settings can now be scrolled when viewing configuration from a data file.
  • New analysis option: X-Y scatter plot generated from any time-series chart.
  • Text and arrow annotations can now support other horizontal axis types than just date-time axes.
  • Add ‘distortion factor’, derived from existing power factor measurements, under Analysis → Power.
  • EN50160 report: Add option for AS61000.3.100 steady-state voltage compliance

Mirrin Changes:

  • Support split/combine axes similar to Miro data view. Split by default.
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