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Power Quality Services – Getting the most from your power

Poor power quality, for example bad Power Factor and dirty wave shape may be costing your company money. Poor power quality can result in high electricity bills and long term damage to plant!

Our professional engineers have many years of industrial experience providing cost effective power quality solutions to help clients identify problem areas and get the most from their power. The brochure below outlines these and additional services.

Brochure – power quality investigation and audit

We work with a variety of industries including utilities, mining, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food, packaging, waste and commercial offices.

Power Quality Consulting – Case studies

Below is an example of a typical audit report, where we identified voltage transients as the primary cause of equipment failure and which we mitigated with an appropriately sized CVT.

Power quality report – equipment failure

Below is an example report where a distribution transformer supplying a residential area was monitored using a Mirrin multi channel load logger.

On average all phase currents were within rated limits and the transformer is lightly loaded, however two phases (A and C) exceeded these limits for short periods of time. Assuming a constant voltage, the power rating of the transformer was estimated and reached 192kVA, just under the 200kVA rating. Various outages were identified and on one occasion an outage occurred only on phase B. Correlation was found between top oil temperature and the afternoon peak in the daily load profile.

Power quality report – profiling a 200kVA distribution transformer

We would like to work with you to improve your power quality. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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