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Miro | Power Quality Analyser.

Nation’s Leaders in Power Quality Monitoring

CHK Power Quality designs, manufactures, and sells a wide range of power quality monitoring equipment. Built for high performance and toughness with a focus on usability, our products are the workhorse instruments of choice for a number of power monitoring applications — from analysis to supply compliance checks and investigations, power flow studies, network asset and transformer monitoring.

Packed with unique attributes and a broad array of key features, our power quality analysers are reliable, easy to use, comprehensive, and fully supported. We offer both portable and fixed analysers, each with user-friendly interface and powerful software that greatly simplifies power quality data analysing.

Miro Range

Developed by CHK Power Quality, the Miro range includes high-precision instruments capable of delivering comprehensive and reliable compliance monitoring of low voltage circuits. With a compact design that accommodates applications for the modern marketplace, AC and DC voltage and current measurements, two temperature channels, and built-in WiFi to use with Miro APP, all Miro power quality analysers offer comprehensive monitoring solutions suited for commercial and industrial purposes.

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia by CHK Power Quality Pty Ltd.

Key hardware features

  • Certified to IEC61000-4-30, Class A
  • Compact design to meet applications for the modern marketplace and where space and accessibility are restrictive.
  • AC and DC voltage and current measurements.
  • Isolated voltage inputs (each channel has its own neutral) facilitate various wiring configurations.
  • Two temperature channels.
  • Expansion port allows for system expansion to include additional sensors, input/output controls and custom interfaces which broaden the PQ system platform. Example interfaces include DGA, Hydrogen and Bushing monitors.
  • All weather conditions: rugged, shock resistant, portable and weatherproof (IP66).
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