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Mirrin Load Logger

The Mirrin Multi Channel Load Logger (MLL) measures AC RMS current (load) up to four channels and is ideal for monitoring loads on circuits and switchboards to record load profiles that can be used to identify slow changing events such as long duration interruptions, outages and derive estimates of usage patterns. The MLL is also useful as a diagnostic tool to assess load sharing on single phase circuits and load balancing on three phase systems.

The MLL incorporates a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) which shows the maximum current measurement in each channel together with the date-time stamp of its occurrence and therefore ideally suited as a Maximum Demand Indicator (MDI).

The MLL is generally asleep and wakes up four times a second (every 250ms) and takes a measurement by sampling the input at 1600Hz. The aggregated measurements are committed to memory (logged).

The maximum current reading is based on the instantaneous readings with a sixty-second exponential time constant.

Mirrin electronic smart MDIs are designed specifically for the Electrical Distribution Businesses to measure current, and maximum current in the network. Scaled in either High voltage or Low voltage currents, they are an integral part of many networks monitoring requirements.

Mirirn can be used used for monitoring one phase of a Kiosk (Pad mount) transformer substation or three phase currents of
an outdoor pole mount transformer substation. Mirrin (maximum demand indicator) records the maximum demand or highest daily values of phase currents for network distribution transformers.

Mirrin Load logger and MDIs provide accurate, real time transformer load profile data capture. Mirrin is housed in a IP rated Polycarboante Weatherproof box (with magnetic base and either with back plate or in weather proof silicon boot). By using Smart WIFI/ Bluetooth App ( Citrus Lite) you can view real time current, maximum current with time stamp, download data and configure the unit.

 Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia by CHK Power Quality Pty Ltd.

Key hardware features

  • Log channels: Four current (standard) and two temperatures (optional).
  • Logged data: RMS current for phases A, B, C and Neutral; current THD for phases A, B, C and Neutral; and two temperature channels.
  • Current sensors comply with CAT IV 600V.
  • Programmable logging interval, from one second.
  • Programmable alarms: current and temperature channels. Alarm events listed in a table.
  • Over ten years memory at ten minute logging interval (SD card included).
  • Displays load current, maximum demand, temperature and maximum temperature with adate-time stamp for each channel.
  • Battery (rechargeable) operated with power saving mode to extend battery life.
  • External DC e.g. (a) battery, (b) dc power adaptor, (c) solar panel, and (d) USB port.

Download the datasheets and manuals for Mirrin Load Logger and accessories through our download centre

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