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Miniature CAT II 600V Split Core Current Transformers

The Miniature CAT II 600V Split Core Current Transformers are lightweight, portable and fitted with an internal burden (voltage output) and therefore safe to use whilst not connected to a load. They are designed for quick and easy installation without disconnecting current carrying cables.

They are sold either with unterminated flying leads or terminated to your requirements.

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  • Electric motors
  • Control and protection
  • lighting
  • Air condition equipment
  • HVAC temperature control
  • Power management
  • Building automation systems

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Table1: Transformer dimensions

miniature ct accuracy

Table2: Transformer accuracy


Rated primary current Refer to table 2
Rated secondary voltage 0.333V @ rated primary
Class (accuracy) Refer to table 2
Phase error Less than 60 minutes
Frequency range 50Hz – 400Hz
Operating temperature -15°C to 50°C
Insulation resistance 100MΩ @ 500Vdc
Dielectric strength 2500Vrms for 1 min.
Working voltage 600Vac max.
Dimensions Refer to table 1
Core material Ferrite
Case material Nylon, UL flame retardant
Resin rating 94-V0
ETL approved CAT II 600V
RoHS compliant
Leads 240mm (0.8Foot), UL1015, Twisted Pair, 0.34mm²(22AWG), The length can be customized.


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