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Release note – Miro firmware
Miro firmware v3.07 (Updated 2019-03-19)  
Please note that the Miro firmware v3.07, should be used with Citrus version or later.

  • Within this firmware release, users can now configure the Miro for the communications protocol, Sparkplug/MQTT. This enables users to configure the Miro to publish data to brokers in order to create an automated infrastructure. This has been developed according to the MQTT Sparkplug specifications.
  • The Miro’s NTP (Network Time Protocol) time synchronisation can now be manually configured to sync every 1-hour or every 24-hours.
  • The Miro’s firmware version 3.07, allows users to configure the Miro for Dynamic DNS. This enables sim cards with a publicly routable dynamic IP addresses to be utilised with the Miro.

Please contact CHK Power Quality for more information on how to activate this feature

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