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Power Factor Correction

We can custom design to your requirements with the best quality components. We offer a segregated design that ensures that the sensitive control components are not affected by the heat generated by the harmonic blocking reactors and hence prolonging the life of the equipment and facilitates for easy service and maintenance.

 Up to 100kVar Wall Mount Cubicle

1000H x 800W x 300D (wall mount cubicle without reactor segregation)

 Up to 250kVar Cubicle

2000H x 800W x 600D (expandable to 300kVar if no isolator or circuit breaker required)

Power factor correction


Up to 550kVar Cubicle

2000H x 1250W x 600D (expandable to 600kVar if no isolator or circuit breaker required)

 Up to 800kVar Cubicle

2000H x 2050W x 600D (expandable to 900kVar if no isolator or circuit breaker required)

 Up to 1000kVar Cubicle

2000H x 2500W x 600D

Switched Capacitor Bank:

Thyristor controlled switching technology – mitigates the effects of fast switching loads (lifts, welding equipment, oil and gas drilling rigs; and mine site drilling equipment).

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