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InsuLogix – Hot spot temperature monitor

InsuLogix® T offers reliable, proven hot spot winding temperature monitoring and control at a cost effective price.

Weidmann temperature monitor

When bundled with WEIDMANN eNamePlate™ (transformer load margins software), the InsuLogix® T provides actionable information for utility load dispatchers.

  • Versatile system at the lowest cost
  • Highly configurable instrument with internal memory,relays board, analog outputs board, LCD & KeyPad and communication gateways
  • Choice of 2, 4, 6, 8 measurement channels
  • Up to 32 monitors can be daisy chained which gives the possibility of having up to 256 channels in a single monitoring system
  • Watchdog function, system fault relay and status indicator
  • The fiber optic probes and sensors are immune to RF and EMI
  • No drift, no calibration required, light source does not change for the life of the transformer
  • MODBUS, DNP3, IEC 61850, IEC 60870 communication protocols available
  • Supplied with WEIDMANN Certified SmartSpacer®
  • Self-diagnostic features 5 years warranty

Temperature measurement applications

  • EHV/UHV/HVDC Transformers
  • Power Transformers
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Reactors, Generators
  • Load Tap Changers
  • Switchgear
  • Power Cables

Power transformers often take the brunt of an overload condition, and are the most likely to be damaged without proper control and protection.
WEIDMANN InsuLogix® T thermal monitor is designed to measure transformer winding hot spots in real time. The drift-free, calibration-free and maintenance-free InsuLogix® T allows for optimum operation of the transformer at safe load
capacity during normal and emergency conditions. The temperature measurement is based on proven Gallium Arsenide sensor. The sensor possesses a resilient construction and has dielectric materials featuring complete immunity to EMI and RFI environments. The fiber optic cable is specially designed for permanent installation in a liquid immersed transformer. Unlike conventional top oil temperature measurements which can lag hours behind in response time, fiber optics
provide direct, real-time accurate measurements of the transformer winding temperature, suitable for dynamic load control or as a valuable input to calibrate thermal models.

The InsuLogix® T system, including WEIDMANN Certified SmartSpacer®, is the most comprehensive system in the market for winding hot spot measurements and protection and control of transformer auxiliary systems.

Basic InsuLogix® T configuration •

  • Instrument equipped with RS485 port and MODBUS communication protocol
  • 2, 4, 6, or 8 WEIDMANN Certified SmartSpacer®
  • System fault relay
  • Tank wall plate with connectors already installed
  • External fiber optic extension cables
  • 24 V DC power supply

Optional features

  • LCD and KeyPad
  • Internal memory
  • Relays board
  • Analog outputs board
  • AC to DC power supply
  • Steel ring for attaching the connectors’ plate to tank wall
  • IEC61850, IEC60870-5-104, DNP3.0, TCPIP/Modbus
  • NEMA 4 cover for tank wall plate protection
  • NEMA 4 enclosure for instrument protection
  • eNamePlate™ software upgrade to Smartbox

Download the datasheets and manuals for Transformer temperature monitor through our download centre

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