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InsuLogix – Bushing monitor

The InsuLogix® B is a continuous on-line monitoring system, for monitoring power factor in high voltage capacitive bushings, is now available with an optional leakage current monitor for high voltage lightning arresters. The system
includes a minimum set of three sensors permanently connected to a series of capacitive bushing taps, or lightning arresters. It is based on the field proven SOS TanDelta System. The system is capable of monitoring up to 32 direct connected sensors, and up to 256 wireless sensors. The system acquires, analyzes, and trends data pertaining to AC Insulation Power Factor of Bushings and/or HV Current Transformers, and leakage current of lightning arresters. The InsuLogix® B system can also interface to signals from other devices, or IEDs, such as: temperature sensors, DGA, or any 0-10Vdc, 10V peak, 4-20mA, or 0-1mA signal. Providing single point access of transformer mounted sensors. Data can be downloaded on-site, or remotely. The system can also interface to an existing EMS system via a LAN/WAN, or dial-up connection to an IEC 61850 (UCA2.0TM ) network.

Weidmann bushing monitor

This continuous on-line monitoring system (hereafter referred to as the system or as InsuLogix® B) is a cost effective, software-oriented, PC-based monitoring system running under Windows and using a standard SQL database
for data storage. The system consists of specially designed hardware and software:


  • Bushing Tap Coupler (BTC)
  • InsuLogix® B Cabinet (maximum of 32 AC or DC)
  • Input Conditioning for up to 30 AC signals (3 per AC Input Board)
  • DC Input Board for up to 8 DC level signals per board
  • PC/104 Pentium MMX CPU Module
  • 1GB DiskOnChip Memory Unit
  • 500KHz PC/104 Analog-to-Digital Conversion Module
  • Watchdog/Alarm Board (6 Alarm Outputs – 2 Digital/Analog Outputs)
  • Optional Fiber Optic Network capability for 1300 nanometer multimode fiber optic cable with ST connectors


  • InsuLogix® B Software
  • Symantec PCAnywhere
  • Optional UCA 2.0 compatible device server

Download the datasheets and manuals for Bushing monitor through our download centre

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