Brochure PQ Services – release (1 Sep 2016)

Brochure PQ Services - release (1 Sep 2016)

Power Quality Services
How we can improve your Power Quality
 Start with an onsite Power Quality investigation
and includes:
 Monitoring your distribution board for a
minimum of one week;
 Analysing logged data and assess for noncompliances
(in accordance to the relevant
Power Quality standards);
 Assess for external events and influences;
 Preparing a Power Quality report which (a)
details power quality parameters; (b)
identifies problem areas; and (c) provides
recommendations and mitigation strategies
where and if required.
 Benchmark your Power Quality and scope your
electrical landscape with:
 Annual audits; or
 Continuous monitoring, and accessing your
data remotely via Cellular communications.
 Our professional engineers can propose, design
and implement a tailored cost effective Power
Quality solution.
Rental services
You can rent Power Quality products from us at
competitive prices and include:
 Load loggers; Power Quality Loggers and
Analysers; Transformer monitors; and
Our engineers can also provide:
 Product training
 Installation assistance
 Data analysis and Technical support.