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Active Harmonic Filter

The line current is continuously monitored and corrected via a compensation current to restore a sine-wave.

Active filter filter in parallel with load

Connected in parallel with the load

Wall-Mounted Active Filter ADF P100

The ADF P100 is an ultra-efficient, easy to use solution in a wall mounted cabinet. The tall and narrow design allows installation where space is at a premium. It has a nominal current of 70 to 100 A RMS and is available in the voltage range 208 – 480 V RMS nominal.

ADF P200 Active Filter

Is a very fast active filter. It can eliminate harmonic problems up to the 100th harmonic and works well in even very resonant grids. It is suitable for mitigating resonances, interharmonics and high frequency disturbances.

ADF P300 Active Filter

Is ideal for commercial and industrial loads.

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