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Miniature Split-Core Current Transformers


Key Features and General Specifications

minature CT

  • Lightweight, safe (includes internal burden), quick and easy installation – no power line disruption required.
  • Rated primary current: up to 400Aac
  • Rated secondary: 0.333Vac at rated primary Current
  • Class (accuracy): 0.5, 1.0, 3.0 [IEC 60044-1]
  • Rated security coefficient: FS<5
  • Case material: Nylon resin UL flame retardant
  • Rating 94-VO
  • Highest voltage for equipment Um (rms): 720Vac
  • Rated power-frequency withstand voltage (rms): 3000Vac
  • Frequency range: (50/60) Hz
  • Operating temperature: 15 to 60
  • RoHS compliant
  • CE approved
  • ETL approved, CAT II 600V
  • Leads: 0.8 Foot (240mm), UL 1015, twisted pair,0.34m2 (22AWG)



Part Number

Input: 1-25A;Output: 0.333V@ 25A; Class: 1.0; Cable diameter: 10.2mm


Input: 5-100A;Output: 0.333V@ 100A; Class: 0.5; Cable diameter: 16.2mm


Input: 5-200A;Output: 0.333V@ 200A; Class: 0.5; Cable diameter: 24.2mm


Input: 5-400A;Output: 0.333V@ 400A; Class: 0.5; Cable diameter: 35.2mm


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